Behar: Gavin Newsom and Stacey Abrams – What a Ticket that Would Be’

Joy Behar told her co-host Tuesday on ABC’s “The View” that it was highly likely former President Donald Trump would be in “prison” during the 2024 presidential race, adding that she thought Gov. Gavin Newsom (D-CA) and Georgia Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams would be a good ticket should Biden not run.

During the panel discussion on Joe Biden being noncommittal on a 2024 presidential run, Behar said, “Unless Trump is in prison. It could happen. If Trump is in prison or somewhere maybe in Saudi Arabia, somewhere like Russia, it’s possible.”

She continued, “I think that Joe Biden is the one to beat him. He beat him before. He’ll beat him again if Trump is not in prison, which according to what I’m reading, is highly unlikely (sic) because Merrick Garland said no one is above the law. Let us hope he means that because he clearly committed crimes, Trump has.”

Behar concluded, “I think Gavin Newsom has a chance. Gavin Newsom and Stacey Abrams, what a ticket that would be, pretty good. I want to bring up another name Jon Tester. Does anyone know who he is? He’s the senator from Montana. He’s from a state that Trump won in 2020, and he’s been very vocal about the Democrats needing to appeal to middle America because he’s from Montana. He’s got a crew cut. He looks like a real outdoorsy guy.”

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