Maher: Prosthetic Breast Teacher ‘Obviously Needs Help’ But We’re Acting Like We ‘Have to Go Along with Anything’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that the behavior of the Ontario, Canada teacher who wore large prosthetic breasts to class is inappropriate and people can’t just do anything. He added that the teacher “obviously needs help.” And blasted the idea “that we just have to go along with anything.”

After characterizing Ontario as “a big blue state to the north.” Maher stated, “They completely stood by her, the school district, talking about equitable treatment without discrimination. Yes, we’re all for that. Without — based not upon gender, yes, identity expression, we’re all for that. … But the giant tits are scaring the children. I mean, come on, can you just do anything?”

He later added, “What if she came in with a giant cock? What if it was the reverse?” And “This woman obviously needs help. Did you see that picture? This is a person who needs help and we’re always — we’re pretending…that we just have to go along with anything. What if I did this show with a pile of dog shit on my head? And you’d all just be like, well, that’s — Bill wears dog shit on his head, now?”

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