CDC: Parents ‘Should Consider Carrying Naloxone Around’ to Reverse Overdoses

During an interview aired on Tuesday’s edition of ABC’s “Nightline,” CDC Acting Principal Deputy Director Dr. Debra Houry said that parents “should consider carrying” the anti-opioid overdose medication Naloxone “to save their child’s life or somebody else’s life.”

Houry, who is also an ER doctor, said that she carries Naloxone with her in her purse and that everyone should be aware of how to reverse overdoses.

Co-host Juju Chang asked, “And we’ve reported on the fact that K-12 schools now are taking matters into their own hands, keeping Narcan on hand. Do you really think that that’s what we’ve come to, that the parents should consider carrying it themselves?”

Houry answered, “I think parents should do a few things. And the first is to have those tough conversations with their child at home to not use drugs, if you are using drugs, to tell your parents so you can get help. And parents should consider carrying Naloxone around to save their child’s life or somebody else’s life. It’s — in my mind, it’s like diabetes with insulin and making sure you are always there to protect someone that might have an issue, somebody’s got an overdose, you’ve got Naloxone that you can use. So, talk to your child and be safe, be thoughtful, and be ready.”

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