GOP Rep. Comer: FBI Leadership ‘Should Resign’ – ‘They Should Be Held Accountable for Wrongdoing’

Representative James Comer (R-KY), a candidate to be the next House Oversight Committee chairman, told Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” a shake-up was needed within the FBI.

According to the Kentucky Republican, the “politicization” of the FBI warranted resignations at the leadership level of the agency.

“I would,” he replied. “Obviously, it depends on who’s on the commission. But we have a huge problem with the FBI. And the fact is, the American people have lost confidence in the FBI. It’s been politicized for at least six years now. And it’s going in the wrong direction. Every day, another report comes out that’s more damaging to the FBI. We certainly need to reform the FBI. We certainly need new leadership at the top. But the encouraging thing, Maria, is, there are dozens of FBI agents who are coming forward to Jim Jordan and other members of Congress to try to blow the whistle on wrongdoing at the FBI.”

“I think the majority of the FBI agents in America want to do a good job,” Comer added. “And we honestly need an FBI. But we don’t need the leadership we have now. They should resign. They should be held accountable for wrongdoing. And we have got to repair and reform the FBI moving forward.”

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