GOP Rep. Brady: Retirees Are Losing out under Biden Even with Social Security Increase as Nest Eggs Shrink

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” Rep. Kevin Brady (R-TX) reacted to the since-deleted tweet from the White House that attempted to give President Joe Biden credit for an increase in Social Security benefits that was automatically triggered by inflation and the size of the increase is due to the large amount of inflation by pointing out that even with the increase in benefits due to inflation, seniors with retirement nest eggs have seen the value of those shrink under Biden.

Brady stated, [relevant remarks begin around 25:25] “Look, there is so much disinformation, and I think fearmongering coming out of the White House. And I think everyone understands why Social Security had to go up because inflation’s crushing so many seniors. And that doesn’t count seniors with retirement nest eggs have seen that shrink by almost a quarter this past year on top of the prices. So, seniors are just getting crushed under this president. But, you’re seeing a lot of this, the fearmongering that Republicans are going to harm Social Security and Medicare, fact-checked as absolutely false. … I’m worried the disinformation is really targeting seniors to make them fearful and communities of color.”

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