GOP Rep. Gallagher: Musk Can Help Chinese Protesters by Booting Propagandist CCP Diplomats

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “America Reports,” Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) called for an ending of the federal coronavirus emergency in the U.S. to create a contrast with China’s lockdowns and argued that Twitter could help the protestors against the lockdown policies by booting China’s “wolf warrior diplomats” off the platform.

Gallagher stated, “I think the President needs to make it clear that we stand here in America for freedom, and therefore, we stand with people fighting for freedom. And one useful signal might be that we could send is ending our own ongoing coronavirus emergency as a self-evident contrast to the dictatorial lockdown we’re seeing in China backfire so immensely. The other thing I’d love for the President to call for is an end to U.S. capital continuing to flow to China, where it’s funding the CCP’s technological surveillance state and its military modernization. At a minimum, our university endowments shouldn’t fund genocide or the same people lecturing us about so-called ESG investment shouldn’t fund Communist genocide. And then finally, I think it’s a reminder, when it comes to things like digital repression, we can’t allow Chinese-controlled apps like TikTok in particular to continue to control young Americans. And so, I hope the President would call for a banning or a forced sale of TikTok. Finally, Elon Musk could actually help by kicking all of the Chinese so-called wolf warrior diplomats off Twitter because, of course, while they’re spreading propaganda on our social media platforms, your average Chinese citizen does not have access to information on those platforms.”

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