Kellyanne Conway to Trump: Voters Want President to Talk About the People’s Grievances Not His Own

Fox News contributor and former Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway said Wednesday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that voters want a president to talk about their grievances, not his own, like the former president’s remarks about suspending the Constitution over the 2020 presidential election.

Host Larry Kudlow said, “This business about suspending the Constitution because we learned there was free speech by finagling with Twitter. I mean, come on. You don’t suspend the Constitution. And he’s got to get off 2020. He just has to.”

Conway said, “Look, I think elections are always about the future, not the past. People want presidential candidates, particularly a former president who was successful on energy, economy, national security, so many other issues. They want that person to talk about the people’s grievances and not their own.”

Kudlow said, “That is a key. What you just said is so essential.”

Conway said, “Biden can’t do it. So we ought to be able to do it.”

Kudlow said, “It’s no longer a movement about popular grievances. It’s his grievances. He’s got to get off that and represent folks. What you just said is so important. He needs to get that.”

Kudlow said, “You and I right now on this moment are expressing something called tough love.”

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