Schiff: Trump’s ‘Corrupt and Illegal Acts’ Inspiring Despots, Coup Attempts Around the World

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) said Thursday on MSNBC’s “All In” that former President Donald Trump’s “corrupt and illegal acts” were inspiring coup attempts in Peru and Germany.

Anchor Chris Hayes asked, “Finally on that question of accountability, I spoke earlier in the show about some of the international headlines we’ve seen over the last few days in Germany with what appears to be a seditious plot to overthrow the government was exposed and rounded up and arrested. In Peru, in which the president announced, essentially a coup and was in police custody within a matter of hours. How do you think we fare in the level of accountability that has been brought to bear on those who aided and abetted was a violent attempt to overthrow the constitutional order, unprecedented in its form in the long history of the nation?”

Schiff said, “The jury is still out because the jury has not been called in these cases it. We’re almost two years, Chris, since these investigations took place. That’s a long time to do these investigations. Many of them should have been done by now. So I think we will have to see, do we have accountability.”

He added, “Looking at these events in Peru and in Germany, one thing is very clear, and that is the threat to democracy at home and abroad is not over. These QAnon conspiracies in Germany and in the United States have so much in common with their Deep State, dark fantasies with the strands of antisemitism flowing through them. Other despots and would be despots in places like Peru, look at the president of the United States, the foremost democracy in the world, trying to stay in power, engaging in illegal if not corrupt acts, corrupt and illegal acts, and sadly, look at the former president as an example to be followed, not an example to be shunned.”

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