Stefanik: FDA Failing to Fire Anyone over Formula Crisis ‘Unacceptable’ — Biden Has Stuck His Head in the Sand

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox Business Network’s “Bottom Line,” House Republican Conference Chair Rep. Elise Stefanik stated that FDA Commissioner Robert Califf’s announcement that no FDA employees will be fired or reassigned over the baby formula crisis is “unacceptable” and the Biden administration has responded to the crisis by sticking its head in the sand. Stefanik also stated that there needs to be legislative action on the issue.

Co-host Sean Duffy asked, “[I]n the wake of the nation’s infant formula crisis, Commissioner Robert Califf says the overhaul will not include the firing of any employees involved in the agency’s delayed response. So, where is the accountability, Elise? You have this crisis, no formula on the shelves, mothers like yourself concerned about can they feed their babies, but no one’s held accountable?”

Stefanik responded, “It’s unacceptable, Sean. And I will tell you, it’s one year ago this month that it was my letter regarding the baby formula shortage that started off this process towards fighting for accountability. And what has the Biden administration done? They’ve stuck their heads in the sand. We see this over and over and over again. And they also tried to pass the buck. In the case of the FDA, the FDA slow-walked this process, they knew this was going to be a crisis, and they failed to address it. So, the fact that there’s going to be no accountability, that’s unacceptable. And I will tell you…we need to make sure that we are addressing this legislatively. But the fact that the Biden administration is doing nothing is unacceptable.”

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