Jim Jordan: Did the Manhattan DA’s Trump Investigation Stem from the Mueller Special Counsel Probe?

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH), the House Judiciary Committee chairman, said he wants to know how much correspondence occurred between the Department of Justice and the Manhattan District Attorney’s office in the lead-up to its investigation of former President Donald Trump.

Earlier in the day, House Republicans revealed their intentions to conduct queries into the potential relationship.

Jordan, during an appearance on FNC’s “The Faulkner Focus,” questioned the merits of the Manhattan DA’s office investigation but said it was an open question if the allegations Trump was facing go back to the Mueller special counsel probe.

“[W]e want to know what’s going on here,” he said. “We want to see the communications that have – that have taken place between the Federal Justice Department and your District Attorney’s office there in Manhattan because, understand, Harris, first they went after President Trump on Russia, then it was a phone call with Zelenskyy, then they wanted his tax return, then they go after his business records. Then they go after his children. And now it’s some misdemeanor alleged bookkeeping error that they’re going — and this is from the prosecutor who initially didn’t want to do this. In fact, he had people resign because he wasn’t going to do this because no one else would bring this case. I mean, the DOJ didn’t bring the case, the Federal District of New York didn’t bring the case, the previous prosecutor in the district there in Manhattan didn’t bring the case. Mr. Bragg himself didn’t want to bring the case.”

“But then he got pressured, I think, from the left. And I would say this, the one thing that has changed, the one thing that I think has changed his mind, is President Trump announced he was going to run for president again, and suddenly here they go, now they’re coming after him for some alleged bookkeeping error. You’ve got to be kidding me. So, we want to know what kind of federal involvement may have — may have taken place here. And we want to know, did this stem from the Mueller special counsel investigation getting to this point as well?”

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