Cotton: Defense Secretary Tacitly Admitted We Changed Where We Fly Drones to Appease Russia

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) stated that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin dodging questions on whether the U.S. altered where it operates drones over the Black Sea in the wake of Russia forcing down an American drone is “an admission that we have altered” flight paths and that changing the flight paths is another example of how “at every turn, Russia, Iran, China, Joe Biden is scared of his own shadow.”

Cotton said, “This is just a third example of the kind of appeasement we’re talking about, Brian. I repeatedly asked Secretary Austin if we had changed the airspace in which we were flying these drones over the Black Sea. He repeatedly dodged the question. I take that as an admission that we have altered it. Remember, Secretary Austin has also canceled multiple ballistic missile tests over the last year because he didn’t want to provoke Russia. These tests are known, they’re scheduled far in advance, they’re notified to Russia. But at every turn, Russia, Iran, China, Joe Biden is scared of his own shadow. That weakness only emboldens our adversaries and risks even more provocative actions.”

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