Asa Hutchinson: Trump Should Drop Out of the 2024 Race

Former Gov. Asa Hutchinson (R-AR), who announced his 2024 presidential candidacy, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that President Donald Trump should drop out of the presidential race because of the indictment in Manhattan.

Anchor Jonathan Karl asked, “How does the indictment of Donald Trump by the Manhattan DA change this race?”

Hutchinson said, “Well, that adds to the unpredictability of it. It’s a sad day of America that we have a former president that’s indicted. So, it’s a great distraction. but, at the same time, we can’t set aside what our Constitution requires, which is electing a new leader for our country just because we have this side controversy and criminal charges that are pending. The American people are going to have to separate what the ideas are for our future, talking about border security and the economy. We have to talk about those. We have tout the leadership of America in the world whenever you have Russia and china taking advantage of any weakness that America shows. So, we can’t be sidetracked for a year and a half.”

Karl said, “You suggested recently if Trump were to get indicted, he should drop out. Do you believe that?”

Hutchinson said, “I do. First of all, the office is more important than any individual person. For the sake of the office of the presidency, I do think that’s too much of a side show and distraction, and he needs to be able to concentrate on his due process and there is a presumption of innocence. The second reason is throughout my eight years as governor, and as a political leader, I’ve always said that the people don’t have to step aside from public office if they’re under investigation but if it reaches the point of criminal charges that have to be answered, the office is always more important than a person. ”

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