WaPo’s Rogin: Info on China’s Hypersonics in Pentagon Leak Should Be Public

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Radio’s “Guy Benson Show,” author and Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin stated that there are some things in the Pentagon leaks that shouldn’t have been released, but the information on China’s hypersonic capabilities should have been public if it’s accurate.

Rogin said, [relevant remarks begin around 23:55] “[W]hen it comes to the substance, first of all, you see some things that we really shouldn’t have out there, like when America spies on its allies it’s like one of the things that we — everybody knows happens, but when it gets exposed this way, it can actually dry up those sources and methods. And we kind of need to do that. We want our government to have intelligence capabilities. But the thing that I wrote about was something that I think people should know about, which is that the Chinese military, while we weren’t looking, leapfrogged the United States on hypersonic missiles. And now, according to the leaked documents, has tested and deployed a new one that we didn’t know about before that can hit Guam, that can evade missile defense, that essentially makes all of our aircraft carriers sitting ducks if they get within, let’s say, 5,000-8,000 kilometers of China, which is a really big area of Asia. And what happened there? Who dropped the ball on that? … That seems like something that we should know about and something that we should fix.”

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