Tapper: ‘Somewhere Hillary Clinton’s Head Is Exploding’ Over Trump’s Classified Document Handling

CNN anchor Jake Tapper said Wednesday on his show “The Lead” that “somewhere Hillary Clinton’s head is exploding” because of his network’s reporting that the National Archives has 16 records that show former President Donald Trump and his top advisers knew the correct declassification process while he was president.

Tapper said, “Can I just note somewhere Hillary Clinton’s head is exploding. One of the reasons that Donald Trump is president is because Republicans successfully made the argument that Hillary Clinton, as secretary of state, was cavalier and did not take seriously enough the classification process for her home email server.”

He continued, “I’m not saying it’s a wrong argument, we covered it, we took it seriously, it was mocked by liberals but that was one of the reasons Donald Trump is president.”

Tapper added, “Literally they were yelling at the Republican National Convention ‘lock her up’ about this exact issue. I mean, obviously, he’s the president, she’s the secretary of state different, but is there any substantive difference here?”

Former Justice Dept. official Tom Dupree said, “Not a lot. It’s all nuance and fact, all trying to draw fine distinctions that will be lost on most people. One of the interesting things here is I can’t think of another time in our history where the National Archives has become one of the key suppliers to a grand jury investigation. That just doesn’t happen. Another unique aspect of the Trump era.”

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