White House: Progressives Should Support Debt Bill Because of Items It Doesn’t Repeal, Avoiding Default

On Monday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” White House Communications Director Ben LaBolt reacted to concerns about the debt ceiling agreement from the Progressive Caucus by stating that they should support the bill because it prevents default and doesn’t repeal programs that the Biden administration has gotten passed and members of the Progressive Caucus have supported.

LaBolt said, “Well, there [are] a few pieces to it: The first I talked about, preventing default is absolutely essential for hard-working Americans. The second is, for members of the Progressive Caucus, who’ve voted for all of the signature legislation of this administration over the past couple of years that has led to the creation of 12.7 million jobs and the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years, things like the CHIPS and Science Act, that will allow us to build a semiconductor industry in this country, the infrastructure law, the largest investment in clean energy ever in the Inflation Reduction Act, those are protected and funded in this agreement. And so, if you voted for those items, you should vote for this as well, in addition to how essential it is to prevent default that would have a catastrophic impact on the American people.”

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