CNN’s Mattingly: Biden ‘Regularly’ Sought Censorship on COVID, Tech Companies Mostly Gave in, and That’s ‘Probably What We Should Do’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of “CNN This Morning,” guest co-host and CNN Chief White House Correspondent Phil Mattingly acknowledged that social media platforms would, “more often than not” give in to the regular demands by the Biden administration to censor content that they disagreed with on the coronavirus pandemic, and stated that the administration coordinating with tech companies to censor content “makes sense,” and is “probably what we should do on public health grounds.”

Mattingly said, “[T]he Biden administration would regularly reach out to Twitter and Facebook and other companies in kind of the early stages of their COVID response and say, this person is spreading lies about vaccines, this account is spreading misinformation that is inhibiting — not just our efforts, the administration’s efforts to address COVID — but also public health, do something about it. And often, I think more often than not, the companies would respond and say, okay. And there are emails that came out during the course of this case that that was something that I think — when it was explained to me at the time, I thought, alright, that makes sense, that’s probably what we should do on public health grounds.”

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