Carville: Cornel West a ‘Threat to the Continued Constitutional Order’ — He Will Get Trump Elected

Democratic strategist James Carville said Monday on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that left-wing academic Cornel West seeking the Green Party’s presidential nomination was a “threat to the continued constitutional order in the United States.”

Carville said, “He’s obviously an accomplished scholar, academic. He seemed to be a very charming man and he’s also a menace, a threat to the continued constitutional order in the United States. and I say that because look what Ralph Nader, who’s directly responsible for the election of George W. Bush which brought about the horrific Iraq war and the horrific economic downturn we had among other things.”

He continued, “Jill Stein, who’s his campaign manager is almost certainly an agent of the Russian government. If you don’t believe me, somebody at home, Google photo General Flynn, Vladimir Putin, Jill Stein. She was hosted by the Russians prior to her running in 2016.”

Carville added, “So, you know, people are going to have to decide, do we want to continue under our Constitution? Because Donald Trump is telling us that, very clearly, is bragging about the fact that he doesn’t want to live under the Constitution anymore. And it’s very clear that the only thing that Dr. West’s candidacy can do is help elect Donald Trump. I don’t think any of that is arguable, nor is it arguable that Jill Stein had deep relationships with the Russian government.”

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