Schumer: People Have Poor Views of Economy Because the Bad Economy from ‘Six Months Ago’ Is ‘Still in Their Heads’

On Thursday’s “Pod Save America” podcast, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) stated that people in the middle class “doubt” whether they have a future and that people have negative views of the economy because “people look at the economy six months ago” and it’s “still in their heads today.”

Schumer said the messaging strategy for Democrats on the economy is “to focus on what we’re doing. The two things people want the most, our data shows, are, get my costs down. They know that wages are going up. But when the costs go up and eat up the wage increase, it doesn’t do you much good. And make sure this country has a — the middle class has a future in this country. Even if you’re in the middle class now, you doubt it.”

He continued, “But the second thing that I would say about the economy is — and I’ve talked to some of the experts on this, including some of the polling experts — it’s often a lagging indicator. That people look at the economy six months ago and it’s in their — still in their heads today. Well, if the economy continues in the good way it has, inflation lower, wages up, unemployment — particularly minority unemployment — down to record low levels, within a while, I think people’s view of the economy will improve, but it’s not just going to happen like that. And we Democrats have to keep talking about it and talking about it.”

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