Sharpton: Trump ‘Fought in the Spirit of King George to Kill the Democratic Process and Scapegoat Black Women’

MSNBC host Al Sharpton said Friday on “Deadline” that children will be taught in history classes that former President Donald Trump “fought in the spirit of King George to kill the democratic process and scapegoat black women.”

Discussing Georgia election workers Ruby Freeman and Shaye Moss, Sharpton said, “Not only did they pay the ultimate price and be put through trauma, threats and things that probably be part of them the rest of their lives. Think about why? They were doing what we ask citizens to do. That’s participate in the election process. Participate in the democratic process that the country was built on.”

He continued, “When I was growing up, we learned about the first presidents of the United States who fought the British in the American revolution to have democratic elections. Here you have a president that is fighting to corrupt a democratic process and targeting black women, who are part of that process. What are we supposed to tell our children now in school when we get to the 45th president to explain how he fought in the spirit of King George to kill the democratic process and scapegoat black women that were part of that pipeline to assure us the democratic process worked?”

Sharpton added, “I don’t think we understand how unAmerican this is what he’s done. Yes, it’s criminal. Yes, it’s despicable, but it goes against everything this country said it stood for, that many of us had to fight to get to be a part of, and now you want to change the script and say that elections don’t matter? And you could be targeted if you just happened to be working in an election place where the process is supposed to be above repute.”

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