McCarthy: House Could Launch Impeachment Inquiry ‘When We Come Back Into Session’

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) said Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that the House could launch an impeachment inquiry when they return in September.

McCarthy said, “Somebody is lying in this process. And the only thing I realize here is the only stories that have not changed are the whistleblowers from the IRS. Their story has held up time and again, and it really looks like there’s two justice systems here. If the Biden administration continues to fight to withhold information that could really clear all this up. Did they take bribes? Did they deal in the business?”

He continued, “If they hold that up, we would have to move to an impeachment inquiry. Which you know, Larry, gives the apex of power to Congress when it comes to our subpoena power and others to get the documents we need. The bank statements, the credit card statements and others. Show us where the money went, show us were you taking money from outside sources? And that would clear most of this up, but they seem to fight it every step of the way.”

He added, “If they use this special counsel to say that they can’t provide us the information, then it just shows more politics. And it will not stop us. Then we would move to impeachment inquiry and we would be able to still get the documents that we need as we move forward.”

McCarthy concluded, “The thing that holds up whether we do impeachment inquiry, provide us the documents we’re asking. The whole determination here is how the Bidens handled this. If they provide us the documents, there wouldn’t be a need for impeachment inquiry. But if they withhold the documents and fight like they have now to not provide to the American public what they deserve to know, we will move forward with impeachment inquiry when we come back into session.”

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