Robert Kennedy Jr.: Trump’s Mug Shot ‘Worked Very Well’ from a Strategic Point of View

Tuesday, in an interview with FNC host Jesse Watters, Democratic presidential hopeful Robert Kennedy Jr. spoke approvingly of former President Donald Trump’s Fulton County mug shot.

Kennedy said it “worked very well for him” during his “Jesse Watters Primetime” appearance.

Partial transcript as follows:

WATTERS: Have you seen the Trump mug shot?

KENNEDY: Yes, I did see it.

WATTERS: What did you think?

KENNEDY: It was an interesting and probably very shrewd decision for him to put on that very defiant face.

I think it’s very popular with his base.

WATTERS: Do you think the mug shot appeals to the Democrat base in any way?

KENNEDY: I had a mug shot when I was — I was a resident in Puerto Rico in 2001 when I was doing a protest against the Navy on a lawsuit that I eventually won that got the Navy out of Vieques.

But when you’re arrested and you get that mug shot, you have a strategic decision about whether — how you want to look. I wondered whether he practiced it in front of a mirror or whether he was just angry at the time and that reflected what he did.

But I thought, from a strategic point of view, it worked very well for him.

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