Nancy Mace: ‘I Give It a 50-50 Shot on Whether or Not We Have a Government Shutdown’

Monday, during an appearance on FBN’s “Cavuto: Coast to Coast,” Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) weighed in on the possibility of a federal government shutdown.

The South Carolina Republican lawmaker said she gave it a 50-50 split on a shutdown.

“Well, we have had nine months to work this through,” she said. “And we were promised that we would go through regular order, we would not do Washington as usual, that we would be different, that we would have 12 separate single-subject appropriations bills.”

“And none of that actually happened in the first nine months of this year,” Mace continued. “And that’s where we are today. That is the $33 trillion question because that’s the amount of debt that both Republicans and Democrats have put our nation and its children and our grandchildren into debt over. And this — it’s a looming fight. We don’t know how it ends, but I give it a 50-50 shot on whether or not we have a government shutdown.”

Mace told fill-in anchor Ashley Webster she believed Republicans would take the fall for the shutdown.

“Well, it’s always going to be blamed on the Republicans,” she said. “But if you are watching and you’re paying attention to what the federal government and Congress has done over the last 20 or 30 years, you would know that this problem was created by both sides of the aisle. And if we avoid a shutdown, it’ll be because Republicans teamed up with Democrats to spend more money than ever in the history of the United States to keep the government open. And so that’s where I have a lot of concern and trepidation and frustration that all of this could have been avoided with leadership on spending.”

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