Dem Rep. Stevens: Auto Workers Worried They Can’t Buy Homes Due to High Prices, Interest

During an interview with ABC News on Friday, Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) stated that striking auto workers are concerned about whether they can afford to buy homes because “Housing prices are high right now. Interest rates are at a uniquely high level.”

While discussing the 2024 presidential race in Michigan and the top issues in the state, Stevens stated, “Well, Joe Biden was in Michigan doing what President Joe Biden does best, listening to workers and real UAW employees. He was with the President of the UAW, Mr. Shawn Fain, because he was invited by Shawn Fain to go visit that picket line. And there is no one who knows the U.S. auto industry, the Michigan auto industry, and the Michigan auto worker like Joe Biden does. I joke around with him that we’re going to have to get him a little apartment in Detroit because of his love for the American auto industry.”

She continued, “And you bet your bottom dollar that the economy, good jobs are what are going to be on people’s minds. There are certainly lots of jobs available, but what we know that the American people, what the Michigan worker is looking for is that good-paying job. Housing prices are high right now. Interest rates are at a uniquely high level. Can I afford to buy that home? That is something I am hearing on that picket line right now.”

Stevens added, “The other issue that I think is going to ring very true heading into this election is this notion of good governance, trustworthy governance.”

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