FNC’s Gutfeld: GOP Shot Themselves in the ‘Head’ with McCarthy Ouster

FNC’s Greg Gutfeld told his co-hosts Tuesday on “The Five” that the Republicans who voted to remove Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) from his position shot the party in the head.

Gutfeld said, “It’s kind of sad because nobody bothered to bring any clarity to this. If you can’t explain or persuade your point without putting people to sleep, you lose. These parties, we realize, are not mirror images. One wants to win and the other doesn’t. They shot themselves in the foot and by ‘the foot’ I mean head.”

He continued, “He broke promises. I had to go find out what these promises were. He promised to use the 2022 baseline numbers as appropriation numbers for this year – and he didn’t. Are you angry? He promised not to let bills pass with support of more Dems than Republicans. Maybe he didn’t. Are you pissed? I don’t know. Not to take up a bill with unanimity among Republicans on the House Rules Committee. McCarthy denies making the two latter promises. So, who’s telling the truth? I don’t know. I’m not sure that I care because I’m with Trump on this. I mean we’re talking about this instead of the border, instead of crime, instead of inflation.”

Gutfeld added, “I get it, it’s a historic event, but it’s like one of the few historic events that I don’t care about. This has no effect on our viewers. Does it make our streets safer? No. Does it make our borders real again? Does it make our gas prices go down? No. It’s just sound and fury signifying incompetence. My sense is this was a personal thing, it’s a personal thing that is being acted out publicly and it’s kinda pathetic.”

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