Van Jones: Ramaswamy’s Debate Remarks ‘One Step Away From Nazi Propaganda’

CNN political commentator Van Jones said Wednesday on CNN’s post-Republican debate coverage that Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s remarks on immigration are one step away from Nazi propaganda.

Jones said, “That guy is dangerous. That’s dangerous. When those people were saying, ‘Jews will not replace us, Jews will not replace us,’ that slogan sits on top of a very sick and twisted view that if you bring enough people of color here, we are so deficient, we are so stupid, we are so unwanted that we will be zombies to fill out the ranks for some Democratic Party agenda that Jewish people are manipulating and driving forward.”

He continued, “That leads to violence, that puts at risk Jewish people, that puts at risk people of color. It is wrong, and the smug, condescending way that he just spews his poison out is very, very dangerous, because he won’t stop Trump, but he’s gonna outlive Trump by about 50 years, and you’re watching the rise of an American demagogue that is a very, very despicable person.”

Jones concluded, “Literally, I was shaking listening to him talk because a lot of people don’t know that is one step away from Nazi propaganda coming out of his mouth.”

Network contributor Alyssa Farah Griffin said, “He’s damaging to the country that’s just that just unquestionable. He is also very damaging to the Republican brand. The reality is most Republicans don’t want to go anywhere near the great replacement theory. I don’t even like saying it. We actually trying to make inroads with minority voters.”

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