Dershowitz: Harvard’s President ‘Has to Leave’ ‘By Her Own Standards’ She Used Against a Dean in the Past

On Friday’s broadcast of NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz stated that Harvard President Claudine Gay should resign her position under her own standards and noted that Gay joined in on attacks on then-Winthrop House Faculty Dean Ron Sullivan, who eventually lost that position over his response to backlash over representing Harvey Weinstein.

Dershowitz said, “It means that she can’t any longer serve as President of Harvard by her own standards. When she was the Dean of the faculty, she fired Ron Sullivan, who was the Dean of one of the colleges, because he, for one month, represented Weinstein. And then she said, he didn’t satisfactorily explain and justify what he had done to the students. And she said a dean has to be more than just a teacher, he has to be a pastor and has to understand the fears of the students. And he was fired, not because he did anything wrong, but because students were afraid under his deanship. Students are afraid under her presidency. … And by her own standards, by the standards she imposed on a Dean, Dean Ron Sullivan, she has to leave.”

He added, “Free speech died at Harvard a long time ago. Harvard was ranked last by FIRE among all the major universities. … They only proclaim free speech for those who advocate genocide against the Jews. These are not advocates of free speech. These are advocates of free speech for me but not for thee. And the three college presidents didn’t speak to the core of the problem, which is the double standard…the existence of the whole bureaucracy of diversity, equity, and inclusion, which excludes Jews and which has been the kind of breeding place for antisemitism. That bureaucracy has to go, antisemitism will persist as long as there are thousands of bureaucrats around the country demanding loyalty oaths by students, in violation of free speech, for diversity, equity, and exclusion.”

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