Marlow on ‘Kudlow’: ‘Hunter Has Green Light to Commit All the Crimes’ Between Now and Election Day

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow said Monday on Fox Business Network’s “Kudlow” that Hunter Biden had “a green light to commit all the crimes between now and November” because his father will pardon him after the election.

Kudlow said, “I don’t think he did himself anything good with the press conference, it was in front of the Senate, not the House where he was supposed to show up to be deposed. As you did in your column on this, Hunter came out with new standard, new goalpost, not only the father didn’t know about the business, not only father was not engaged in the business, now father was not engaged in any financing measures of the business. We that to not be true. That will be a big problem. financing is the name of the game here.”

Marlow said, “Yeah, what the key moment of the whole press conference saying my family was not financially involved or my father was not financially involved in my businesses. It is code, it means Joe was involved. He just maybe didn’t get a direct check on certain things but we all know Hunter’s business model involves Joe. That explains the whole Burisma where Joe is firing the prosecutor while hunter is bagging a million bucks.”

He continued, “Joe is keeping Hunter’s business associates off his sanctioning list that is growing. Joe helping broker a deal with the bank of China, while Hunter is cutting a deal with a equity company that is controlled by the Bank of China. It all has to do with Joe. It is a matter of time before Hunter incriminates him.”

Marlow added, “Joe is just going to pardon Hunter for everything. This is something that is really fascinating, Hunter has a green light to commit all the crimes between now and November. Joe will pardon him after the election.”

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