CNN’s Begala: Biden, Dems ‘Belatedly’ Saying Border Needs to Be Controlled

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Source,” CNN Political Commentator Paul Begala reacted to reports that President Joe Biden is weighing stricter executive action on the border by saying that the Democratic Party has “been slow to come to the conclusion that we’ve got to have order” in our immigration system, something former President Barack Obama understood and “Biden is now going to give them order” after “belatedly” saying that the border must be controlled.

Begala said, “I think the President has a good argument, which is, we need new laws. And the political argument that wins is when he says, belatedly, but now, says, we have to control the border. I will close the border if Congress gives me the power.”

Later, he added, “People want order. We love immigrants. I think W had it right and I think Obama had it right. We used to say, we’re a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants. And I do think that Democrats have been slow to come to the conclusion that we’ve got to have order. Once you then have order, then people open their hearts, they love immigrants, they want immigrants. But they’ve got to have order. Biden is now going to give them order.”

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