Sanders: Biden Shouldn’t Take Cognitive Test, That Would Lead to More Criteria to Run

On Friday’s “CBS Mornings,” Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) said President Joe Biden shouldn’t take a cognitive test to address concerns about his age because once you start adding a bunch of different hurdles “before you can run for president, today it’s age and tomorrow it’s this and tomorrow it’s that.”

Co-host Nate Burleson asked, “[W]e’re looking at former President Trump and President Biden, and there are concerns about their cognitive awareness or even their declination in those areas. What do you make of that conversation among voters?”

Sanders answered, “Look, I think it’s real. You’re absolutely right, every poll shows that this is something that people are concerned about. Look, all that I would say is, when you look at anybody, you, me, Trump, Biden, you’ve got to look at the totality of the person. … So, look at, do you think Biden has been a good President? Has he accomplished much? I think he has. As much as I would like to see? No. Do I think that Trump is fit, from an integrity point of view, from an honesty point of view, from somebody who wants to give more tax breaks to the rich, somebody who wants to undermine democracy? So, it’s not just age. It is what you believe in, what you have done.”

Co-host Tony Dokoupil then asked, “Do you think President Biden — this came up just yesterday — should take a cognitive test to put to bed all this?”

Sanders responded, “No, look, once you’re into that business, we need all of these criteria because — before you can run for president, today it’s age and tomorrow it’s this and tomorrow it’s that. This is what a democracy is. … If you don’t like him, don’t vote for him, for whatever reason. But I don’t think you should have that criteria.”

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