Conway: SCOTUS Reverse on Trump Ballot Ban Incoherent, ‘Shoddy Legal Work All Around’

Attorney George Conway said Monday on CNN’s “The Source” that the Supreme Court unanimously overturning a Colorado Supreme Court ruling that disqualified former President Donald Trump from the ballot was “shoddy legal work all around by all the justices.”

Conway said, “I think they did have a very difficult time with it because I don’t think any of the three opinions make any sense whatsoever. I think these opinions are fundamentally incoherent and they’re fundamentally arbitrary. And I think it just shows the difficulty the court had in trying to select an off-ramp here. I mean, they totally rejected Trump’s principal arguments, which were that the president is somehow not an officer of the United States, and the other argument, which was that he did not engage in an insurrection.”

Anchor Kaitlan Collins said, “Why do you think that was?”

Conway said, “Because he’s unquestionably an insurrectionist. It would have been absurd for the court to try to redefine what it means to engage in an insurrection and to engage, and what an insurrection is to try to fit it to get Donald Trump off the hook. And that’s what the court was terrified about. They didn’t want to go there. And you can see that sort of the terror in the opinions, in the concurring opinions.”

He added, ‘I can’t make heads or tails, frankly, out of the concurring opinions any more than I can make heads or tails out of majority opinion. It is just shoddy legal work all around by all the justices.”

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