Speaker Johnson: Believers Have a ‘Biblical Admonition to Stand with Israel’

House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) said Thursday on Newsmax TV’s “The Record” that his bill for foreign aid was necessary because there is a “Biblical admonition to stand with Israel.”

Host Greta Van Susteren asked, “Can you guarantee the American people that money that goes to Gaza will actually go to humanitarian aid? Who is monitoring it?”

Johnson said, “Yes well, we are and our agencies and the Congress itself. We have oversight responsibility over that. We’ve required in the House’s version of this strict accountability that the White House has to give reports of the funding.”

He continued, “These are really, really important things. This is the precious treasure of the American people. Israel is a critical ally of ours and I think most people understand the necessity of this funding. They’re fighting for their very existence. They are the only stable democracy in the Middle East. I mean, of course, there’s for those of us who are believers, it’s a Biblical admonition to stand with Israel. We will, and they will prevail.”

Johnson added, “This is an important, very important symbolic gesture and a very important replenishment of their stockpiles, for example of the Iron Dome. The reason they shot down all those drones and missiles in the last attack by Iran is because we assisted with that. I think the American people understand the importance of that but to your point we have to have accountability over it.”

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