ABC’s Hostin: Caitlin Clark ‘Is More Relatable to More People Because She’s White’

ABC legal analyst Sunny Hostin said Wednesday on ABC’s “The View” that Indiana Fever star Caitlin Clark was “more relatable to more people because she’s white.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg said, “She is the NCAA’s all-time leading scorer of men and women. In February she broke the woman’s record, in March she broke Pistol Pete Maravich’s 3,667-point record. She’s had more 30-point games than anyone in the past 25 years. She holds the single season three-point record for men and big ten’s all-time leader in assists. Now, listen, when people say stuff like that, that’s like people saying you only got into this Ivy league college because you’re black or you only got this because of this. This girl on this, I’m sorry, there are great players, but nobody else has done this.”

Hostin said, “I you know, I’ve been a basketball fan since I can remember. I played basketball with my dad in Harlem when I was five-years-old. So I remember loving the game, and the game not necessarily loving women back, right? The WNBA started in 1996, first games played in 1997. It’s 2024, and we’re just now really talking about it. So if Caitlin Clark is the vehicle that will bring this sport that I have loved so much and so long to little five-year-old girls playing in Harlem, I say, ‘Yes, bravo.’ I have no problem with that. With that being said, I do think that there is a thing called pretty privilege. There is a thing called white privilege. There is a thing called tall privilege. And we have to acknowledge that. So part of it is about race, because if you think about the Brittney Griners of the world, why did she have to go to play in Russia?”

Goldberg said, “Not because she was black but because they didn’t believe in the WNBA.”

Hostin said, “That’s part of my point. Now, So now, Caitlin Clark is bringing this money, these sponsorships — we hope — into the league and other players will benefit from it. But I do think that she is more relatable to more people because she’s white, because she’s attractive and unfortunately, there still is that stigma against the LGBTQ community.”

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