Dem Sen. Padilla: Polls Showing Voters Favor Trump on Immigration ‘Misleading Because Immigration Is So Complex’

On Wednesday’s “CNN This Morning,” Sen. Alex Padilla (D-CA) argued that polls showing people support 2024 Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump’s immigration approach over President Joe Biden’s “are also misleading because immigration is so complex.”

Host Manu Raju asked, “[T]he way voters see Trump versus Biden right now about handling the issue of immigration, 52% Trump, support Trump, believe he’s doing a better job versus 41% for Biden right now, when you look at — that is pretty much consistent with other national polls. How much of a political risk is this taking this action at this time for the President?”

Padilla answered, “I honestly don’t think it’s a risky move. There’s that old adage, the best politics is good governance. This is good governance. The numbers when it comes to polling on immigration, I think are also misleading because immigration is so complex. A couple of weeks ago, we were talking about and debating how best to better secure the border. That’s one element. What we talked about yesterday is not people who may or may not be coming to the United States, we’re talking about a universe of people who have been in the United States, at least ten years is the criteria announced by the President. But really, on average, more than 23 years. These are our friends, these are our neighbors, these are our co-workers, and clearly, members of families along with United States citizens.”

Later, Padilla added that Biden “is securing the border.”

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