WATCH: Woman Allegedly Tries to Kidnap Couple’s Kids at Atlanta Airport

A Kansas woman was arrested after she allegedly tried to kidnap a couple’s children inside Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport in Atlanta on Saturday, according to a video.

The surveillance video shows the suspect Esther Daniels, 26, tried to snatch a stroller from a couple as they walked through the atrium of the airport.

The mother manages to keep Daniels away from her child until the father, while wrangling another child just a few feet away, jumps in to help.

Daniels then appears to take the unattended child before attempting to run away with him. The father, however, snatched his child back in a tug-of-war lasting several seconds.

An Atlanta Police Department officer responded within minutes, finding Daniels in a frantic mental state, going back and forth between speaking on a cellphone and rushing over to the family.

“Ms. Daniels continued to fight to make her way back toward the kids and I had to bring Ms. Daniels down toward the ground to keep her from getting back toward the victims,” the officer said, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Police say the children were not injured.

Police took Daniels to a local hospital to undergo a psychiatric evaluation before taking her to Clayton County Jail where she was charged with kidnapping and obstructing an officer, WTVC reported.


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