Ole Miss Student Was Allegedly Pregnant with Accused Killer’s Baby

Ally Kostial

Friends of murdered Ole Miss student Ally Kostial are claiming she was pregnant with her alleged killer’s child when he shot her on July 20.

“Her sorority sisters knew she was pregnant and that she had told Brandon. He was really upset about it, that it would ruin his life and his future,” a student at the University of Mississippi told Daily Mail.

“He was really mad that she wouldn’t get an abortion. She was like, ”No, I don’t believe in that,'” the student commented.

A friend of Kostial’s who asked not to be identified said Kostial’s boyfriend, Brandon Theesfeld, 22, was known to be controlling.

“‘He was very controlling – you can’t go here, you can’t talk to this person, you were flirting with this guy. She was not really allowed to have guy friends. That’s why she had such a close girl group,” the woman told reporters.

She also said she believes Kostial revealed her pregnancy to Theesfeld on the same day she was murdered.

“Her sorority sisters thought it was Brandon because he was in a rage earlier in the day when I guess she had told him,” she noted.

Deputies discovered the body of the 21-year-old victim on July 20 near Harmontown, Mississippi, according to the Lafayette County Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities arrested and charged Theesfeld, also a student at the university, with Kostial’s murder on July 22. Reports said that Kostial had been shot 8 times.

Prior to the alleged murder, reports said security cameras showed Kostial stopping outside the door of a bar. However, she did not enter the establishment and then walked out of the camera’s view.

University student Mary Ellen Manor, said she dated Theesfeld briefly after they met on the Tinder app, but said she ended the relationship because she found him to be “odd” and “shady.”

“When I’d try to say, ‘No, I’m busy this weekend,’ he’d say, ‘Oh I’m not crazy or anything, I was just seeing what you were doing,'” Manor told reporters.

Manor said she was shocked when she heard that Theesfeld had allegedly murdered Kostial.

“Honestly, I almost fell down my stairs in my house. It freaked me out. I was like, ‘What if that could have been me?'”

Kostial’s childhood friend, Claudia Swyres, said she remembers her as a good person.

“Ally was just very fun and outgoing, very friendly girl really didn’t have any enemies in life,” Swyres recalled.


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