Florida Man Allegedly Forced Infant Daughter to Drink Flavored Bleach

Michael Dublin
Orange County Sheriff's Office

Michael Dublin of Orlando, Florida, has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly trying to force his four-year-old daughter to drink bleach.

An emotionless Dublin greeted the police, surrounded by people screaming about the lifeless body he left in the front yard of his ex-girlfriend’s Tangelo Park home. Children at the scene described Dublin smothering his four-year-old daughter and then forcing her to drink bleach flavored with some sort of sweet drink mix from a water bottle.

The children tried but were unable to stop him. Fortunately, relatives were able to retrieve her body and perform CPR until she began breathing again. They claim Dublin is bipolar and schizophrenic, and that he had recently had a conversation with his ex in which she told him she was unwilling to renew their relationship.

Dublin has been arrested, jailed, and has been charged with attempted murder, according to reporting by local NBC affiliate News Channel 8.


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