FACT-CHECK: Police Say Story About Abused Dog a Hoax

Everyone was rooting for Dani the dog, who was reported to have been found on the side of an Ohio road with her snout duct-taped shut and her throat cut. Turns out it was all a hoax by somebody seeking free veterinary care, according to the Butler County Sheriff's Office.
Butler County Sheriff's Office

Police said the story of a dog that was allegedly found with its muzzle duct-taped shut and throat cut was all a hoax, according to reports.

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office in Hamilton, Ohio, said the tragic story was concocted by the dog’s owner to get free veterinary care for the canine.

A press release issued by the sheriff’s office on Monday said the owner revealed the dog cut its own throat on a barbed wire fence and that since they could not afford the vet bills, “they concocted a story to get the canine help for free.”

The press release continued:

The owner of the canine further advised the detectives that the canine did not have its muzzle taped up. The snout/mouth area that appeared to be injured was due to the owners keeping the canine muzzled for several hours a day due to it chewing up items in their residence and being aggressive towards their other canine.

“Our Detectives followed up with the Twin Maple Veterinarian Clinic where it was determined that the neck injury to Dani was not intentional and the duct tape was a story made up by the dog owner to get Dani free care,” the release concluded.

On Friday, reports said someone walking near the 5000 block of Trenton Franklin Road on August 17 found the injured animal and took it to a nearby veterinary clinic to see if it had a microchip.

“The information on the chip came back to Heart Rescue in Cincinnati, which said it adopted the dog out in 2011,” according to WKRC Local 12.

Butler County Sheriff, Richard K. Jones, wrote about the the dog on Twitter Saturday before the hoax was discovered.

“This is appalling, words cannot describe the disgust I’m feeling right now, we will work diligently to find who did this and seek justice,” Sheriff Jones said in a statement prior to the discovery.

Reports stated that because Dani’s owner is a resident of nearby Warren County, any charges against the individual will be filed in that jurisdiction.


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