Animal Abuse


Two MTSU Football Players Suspended After Puppy Abuse Video Surfaces

Editor’s note: Story updated to include dismissal of the two football players. Two Middle Tennessee State University football players have been indefinitely suspended while they are being investigated by the Murfreesboro Police Department for animal cruelty after one of the players

Starving horses 1

200 Starving Horses Land Texas Couple in Jail for Abuse

More than 200 horses were seized in an afternoon, and more than a dozen taken to the SPCA facility in Houston for immediate treatment for malnourishment, open and infected wounds, and hooves untrimmed for perhaps as much as a year, causing the horses to limp.

A Texas high school football player has been accused of …

Emu Tortured to Death by Texas High Schoolers, Say Police

A Texas high school football player has been accused of stealing an emu from a farm and then torturing and killing it at a party late in the evening on Valentine’s Day. Seven other students were charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief, and additional charges may be forthcoming, according to a press release from the county sheriff.