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Steve Verschoor rescued a dog with his bare hands from a bobcat attack.

VIDEO: Man Fights Rabid Bobcat with Bare Hands to Save Dog

A man witnessing a rabid bobcat attacking a dog in front of a country club in Arizona decided to take matters into his own hands by fighting the bobcat to save the dog, according to a video of the incident.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

DELINGPOLE: World’s Smartest Dog Peer-Reviews Science Papers

Meet Dr Olivia Doll, the world’s smartest dog. Dr Doll is the formal professional name of Ollie, a Staffordshire terrier, who sits on the board of seven international medical journals and was recently asked to review a paper on the management of tumors.


Watch: Man Punches Kangaroo in the Face to Save Dog

An odd video shot in June is suddenly going viral. In the video, a group of hunters in the Australian Outback were helping a young cancer patient fulfill his last wish of catching a wild boar with his dogs when a kangaroo collided

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Puppy Stolen at Gunpoint Reunited with Teen Owner

A three-month old pure-bread German Shepherd pup that was stolen at gunpoint from her 14-year-old owner by two men in San Leandro, California on Monday night has been found safe. Police have reunited the duo.

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Dog vs. Sea Lion: California Mammal Encounter

A bold encounter between a dog and a sea lion at Cardiff State Beach in Encinitas, California on Sunday afternoon had beachgoers entertained for some time. Images taken by one of those onlookers captured the interesting exchange. Dog, meet Sea Lion –

On Friday afternoon, two one-year-old bears and their mother wandered …

Watch: 20-Pound Dog Ferociously Chases Off Bears

On Friday afternoon, two one-year-old bears and their mother wandered into David Hernandez’s  Monrovia, CA yard, but Hernandez’s dog Jules was not having it. “She turned into a wolverine,” Hernandez said of his 20-pound French bulldog. Jules ran the bears