WATCH: Shoplifters Allegedly Spray Store Employees with Mace

Two shoplifting suspects allegedly attacked a loss prevention officer with mace Friday at Northtown Mall in Blaine, Minnesota.

“Blaine Police Detectives are looking for assistance in identifying two females who were involved in an aggravated robbery at Burlington Coat Factory on Black Friday,” the department’s Facebook post read.

The post continued:

The two suspects are described as black females in their early 20s. They attempted to leave the store with unpaid merchandise. When the store loss prevention officer and other employees attempted to stop them, one of the females sprayed what is believed to be mace at the employees. If you have any information please call 763-427-1212.

Surveillance footage shows a woman step between the officer and one of the suspects as he attempts to stop them from leaving the store.

Moments later, she accidentally falls down on the pile of items left behind by the two women.

However, as another employee tries to help the woman to her feet, the suspects re-enter the store and grab the merchandise, then flee the scene.

One of the employees who was reportedly sprayed with the irritant was taken to the hospital following the incident, according to Fox 9.

“Police are hoping by releasing the video, they will be able to identify the people involved. The suspects face potential charges of aggravated robbery,” the report said.

“It looks like they had to go back to get their handbag that was dropped and probably had some type of identification in it,” one social media user wrote on the department’s Facebook post. “Hope they are found and get what they deserve for punishment!”

Others who commented said they avoid the Northtown Mall at all costs, adding that they do not feel safe shopping there.

“That mall is so shady, it’s really too bad. I won’t even go there anymore. Hope they are caught,” user Tami Beitz concluded.


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