Police: Inmates Attacked Florida Man Accused of Torturing Daughter to Death

Jorge Barahona sits with handcuffed, and wearing chains on his ankles in a Miami-Dade courtroom Monday, March 28, 2011. (Tim Chapman/AP Photo)
Tim Chapman/AP Photo

Five Miami-Dade County jail inmates attacked a sleeping Jorge Barahona due to “the nature of his pending charges” according to a police report.

A newly-released police report reveals that 53-year-old accused child killer Jorge Barahona was attacked in his sleep by five inmates during his stay in the Miami-Dade County “Pre-Trial Detention Center.”

The five inmates, aged between 20 and 29 years, inflicted “multiple bruises on his face, a nosebleed, and a small cut on his nose” before they were stopped, according to the report. Video footage of the attack was not captured because the alleged attackers “tampered” with the security camera.

Barahona is accused of torturing 10-year-old Nubia and her twin brother Victor for months before murdering them. The two children were fostered, then adopted by Jorge and his wife Carmen, who would allegedly “tie them up, beat them, smear feces on their face.” The children were also “tied up in bathtubs, subjected to electrical shock, and tortured” in front of Barahona’s other children.

While Victor narrowly survived, he was discovered in critical condition beside Nubia’s decomposing body along I-95 in 2011. Both were covered in pesticides. Both Jorge and Carmen Barahona were charged with murder. Carmen later settled for a life sentence and is set to testify against her husband.

In 2017, Florida lawmakers agreed to pay $5 million in total to Victor after an admission of negligence by the state’s Department of Children and Families.


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