VIDEO: Flint Police Make Arrest in Alleged Attack on Postal Worker

Police made at least one arrest after video footage showed two women allegedly assaulting a United States Postal Service employee on Thursday in Flint, Michigan.

Detective Tyrone Booth told the Detroit News the incident occurred around noon “in the city of Flint,” but he did not say exactly where it happened.

“We’re still gathering information,” he commented. “We can’t share fine details right now,” which included the number of arrests.

No individuals have been arraigned; therefore, police have not released any suspects’ names.

Authorities did not note the victim’s age but said she is in “good condition” and “fine.”

The News shared a Facebook video that appeared to show two individuals punching the postal worker and pulling her hair.

A woman in a white shirt apparently tried to stop the brawl, but a man behind the camera reached out and pulled her away.

“I don’t want them to hit you,” he told her.

“Oh, my God! Oh, my God!” the man said as a woman in a red shirt held onto the postal worker’s hair while she sat on the ground next to an SUV.

“She hit me first!” another woman wearing a pink jacket appeared to tell the man.

Moments later, the postal worker got to her feet and exchanged words with the person in the pink jacket.

“Y’all are going to jail,” someone else behind the camera said.

Later in the video, the man’s camera zoomed in on what appeared to be a dent on the front of the mail truck before the SUV backed up and drove away.

However, police did not say what happened prior to the incident, according to Fox 66.

“Investigators say they are continuing to look into this case and if you have any information about what happened you are asked to contact the Flint Police Department,” the outlet concluded.


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