VIDEO: NYC Cops Searching for Suspects in Ice Pick Stabbing of Campaign Volunteer

Police are looking for two suspects involved in the stabbing of a volunteer for the Eric Adams (D) mayoral campaign in New York City.

The victim, 42, was canvassing through the area in the 500 block of Morris Avenue Sunday when two men approached him and one reportedly stabbed the volunteer, law enforcement told NBC New York.

Surveillance video showed a man wearing a white tank top in an altercation with a man in a red shirt. When the person in red fell to the pavement, the other man appeared to stab him multiple times.

The suspects then fled the scene and a knife and ice pick were discovered nearby, police sources familiar with the case told the outlet.

“Their motive remains unclear and police are still searching for the two men whose broad daylight attack was caught on video,” the report said.

The New York City Police Department (NYPD) shared additional footage of the suspects on social media, asking residents if they had additional information regarding the incident:

The victim reportedly had campaign flyers on him when the attack happened. He was transported to Lincoln Hospital and listed in critical but stable condition.

“A spokesperson for the campaign says [Adams] visited the wounded volunteer, who had to undergo surgery, at the hospital,” the NBC article read.

Speaking to reporters Sunday, Adams, described the victim as “one of our most committed volunteers up in the Bronx.”

According to the New York Post, the victim reportedly has almost 50 prior arrests.

“This is a young man that had had several brushes with the law, and he was inspired by the campaign, and decided that he wanted to be a part of this movement of change,” Adams stated.

“And he was just extremely eager about being out every day, and we’re really disappointed [with] what happened. Thank God he’s alive, and we’re praying for his recovery,” he concluded.


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