Chicago Suffers Two Mass Shootings Only Hours After Biden Announces Crime-Fighting Plan

Police tape marks off a Chicago street as officers investigate the scene of a fatal shooting in the city's South Side on Tuesday, June 15, 2021. An argument in a house erupted into gunfire early Tuesday, police said. (AP Photo/Teresa Crawford)
AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

Only hours after President Joe Biden announced his plan to address crime, the city of Chicago suffered two mass shootings nearly simultaneously.

According to Chicago’s CBS affiliate, eight people were shot, four each in shootings in two of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

One incident claiming four victims occurred in the Austin neighborhood at around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The second incident occurred in Englewood, where four people who belonged to a motorcycle club were shot around the same time of the evening. The Chicago Police Department (CPD) said the shots were fired from a passing vehicle.

The CPD currently has no one in custody and no suspects in either case.

The wave of shootings vexing Chicago was featured prominently in a recent campaign launched by House Republicans in D.C. who pin the rising crime rates in most of America’s big cities to Joe Biden’s failed policies.

The video shows news reports saying, “violent crime is surging across America’s biggest cities.”

It continues with a graphic showing Chicago’s out-of-control murder rate and adds, “At least eight people killed, and dozens injured in shootings over the weekend alone. In some neighborhoods, some people have simply given up on calling the cops, saying the city fails to protect them.”

The video then chronicles the rising crime and murder rates in other states, including California and New York.

Despite Biden’s attempt to blame gun ownership for the rising crime rate, he has had to admit that the sudden rise in crime has occurred during his presidency. Data in 37 cities covering the first three months of 2021, for instance, shows an 18 percent increase in murders compared to the same time period in 2020.

The soaring crime rate has occurred concurrently with the growing anti-police movement in Joe Biden’s party, a movement that has led mayors in many of America’s biggest, Democrat-led cities to cut police department budgets.

Meanwhile, most Americans seem to fully understand that crime is worse under Biden than it has been for decades. A recent Fox News poll found that 73 percent of Americans believe crime is higher in 2021 under President Biden than it was under former President Donald Trump in 2020.

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