Pro-Life MO Protester: Women ‘Will Make the Wrong Decisions’ if Shutdown Continues

Jeff Gallemore/Gallemore Photography

The coronavirus lockdown is keeping pro-life advocates from helping pregnant women in need, a protester said Tuesday at a rally in Jefferson City, Missouri.

“Our family’s been trying to open a pregnancy resource center where we’re at, and this whole shut down has kept us from getting ten or more people there,” the woman said while holding a sign that read “Freedom Is Essential.”

She continued:

There are women in, you know, trying to figure out what they’re gonna do and if we don’t have the resources for them, then they will make the wrong decisions and we don’t want that. We need more Missourians. We don’t need less Missourians. We need people to stand up for these young babies and these mothers. And if we back down, who’s gonna be their voice? I’m tired of backing down. Abortion is not essential.

I had an abortion 24 years ago, and that’s why I give my testimony about where I’ve come and what I’ve walked through and there’s no one that is gonna keep me from backing down and being a voice for the voiceless mothers, the ones that need a voice right now.

Thursday, Gov. Mike Parson extended the state’s stay-at-home order through May 3 to keep the virus from spreading, according to a press release.

“While we must be prepared for a slow and steady road to recovery, we are positive about the future and confident that we will come back stronger than ever before. I look forward to seeing Missourians safe, healthy, and BACK TO WORK,” he tweeted Monday.

However, the protester claimed there was an agenda behind the shutdown, adding that she would not bow down to government control.

“I refuse to back down and I refuse to cower in the face of some tyranny, its tyranny. This is wrong, this is absolutely wrong for a virus, a cold, we’ve had colds and flu and we’ve done nothing and we’ve not shut down but here we go? Really?” she continued.

News regarding the numbers of coronavirus cases was fake and hospitals were lying about those numbers “so they can keep the money,” she added.

The woman also said it was wrong for government leaders to allow Planned Parenthood to stay open and perform abortions during the health crisis.

“But we can keep Planned Parenthood open and take babies’ lives and take lives away from women that don’t know what they’re doing? Shame on our government. Shame on Gov. Parsons [sic]. Shame on the powers that try to hold their power over us. Shame on them,” she commented.

When asked what she might say to the governor if given the chance, the woman replied, “He needs to open now. There are too many people that are hanging in the balance, their lives. They need to reopen.”

However, she also noted that people who were sick or had compromised immune systems needed to remain at home for the time being.

“But for the rest of us that will not bow to fear, that will not cower, let us be free. Let us do what we’re supposed to do. Let us work, let us make a living for our families,” she concluded.


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