San Francisco Landlords Panicking About Small Businesses Not Working

San Francisco barber shop
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San Francisco landlords are starting to panic about small businesses being out of work due to the coronavirus.

Although many have been flexible, the situation has been going on for months and the landlords need to get paid as well.

One local hair salon owner said she is not sure how she is supposed to pay her rent when she is barred by law from working in her beauty salon.

“I get it… it’s like they need to be paid and we need to work, we need to be paid,” salon owner Annie Miller told KRON.

Miller shut down her salons in Danville and Pleasanton in March due to the pandemic. Her landlords understood at first, but its been five months and those landlords need to be paid.

“Then the months went by and now we are at the point where you know that this doesn’t work for anybody to not be making money,” Miller said. “They have mortgages, they have property taxes, they still have expenses.”

Miller was able to reopen her Danville salon for a few weeks last month, but had to close again due to a rise in coronavirus cases.

She says she has not found any rent-forgiveness programs to apply for, and is relying on the community to help stay afloat.

“We are in big trouble, everyone is in big trouble if this goes on much longer,” she said.

Although eviction moratoriums remain in place throughout the state and at local levels, some landlords are taking matters into their own hands.

Some are demanding payment, threatening eviction, or using other tactics to keep control over their tenants, KTVU reported.


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