Report: Baby Formula Stock Rates Not Improving, May Take Months to Change

baby formula empty shelves
Breitbart News

International flights carrying much-needed baby formula have touched down in the United States, but stock rates have yet to improve as supply chain woes continue hurting citizens, according to a report.

Although White House officials committed to bring in enough formula for approximately 40 million 8 ounce bottles, the stock rates for formula kept sinking, per data from Information Resources Incorporated (IRI), CNN reported Tuesday.

The outlet continued:

More than 21% of formula products — powder, ready-to-drink and liquid — were out of stock during the week ending June 19, compared with a typical rate of 10% before a nationwide infant formula recall by Abbott Nutrition happened in February.

Stock rates for powder formula, specifically, are even worse. More than 27% of powder formula products were out of stock during the week ending June 19, up from 25% the prior week and 23% the week before that, IRI data shows.

Earlier this month, President Joe Biden admitted he was unaware of the baby formula shortage until several months after a closed manufacturer led to the problem, Breitbart News reported June 4.

Eventually, Health and Human Services queried the Food and Drug Administration about how it was dealing with the shutdown.

“A bacterial infection found at the Abbott plant in Michigan also led to the deaths of two infants,” the outlet said, adding, “Biden has been trying to fix the formula shortage by seeking foreign suppliers.”

Breitbart News

Per the CNN article, experts said formula sales were usually consistent, but increased demand reportedly showed “that consumers are likely stockpiling formula, potentially perpetuating the shortage.”

Meanwhile, American families were struggling amid skyrocketing gas prices and 41-year-high inflation, Breitbart News reported June 18, noting the issues persisted as the midterm elections approached.

In addition, human milk banks across America were experiencing more demand and donations as the baby formula shortage continued, the outlet reported May 31.

“Along with the heightened demand is an increase in mothers looking to supply breastmilk to meet the need,” the outlet said.


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