VIDEO: High Egg Prices Crack Easter Traditions; Some Resort to Painting Potatoes

Easter Potatoes
Potato Goodness/Facebook

High egg prices are forcing many Americans to rethink their Easter traditions as they struggle financially in President Joe Biden’s (D) economy.

Wisconsin shopper Jackie Regnier is avoiding buying eggs for the holiday because her family simply cannot afford them, CBS 58 reported Friday.

“You got to cut back on some stuff and that’s what we’re cutting back on,” she told the outlet, adding she would be using plastic or paper eggs.

Right now, the average cost for a carton of eggs is approximately $4. Fox 5 New York reported Thursday that the price for a dozen eggs has more than doubled compared to last year.

The outlet cited economists who blame the high prices on avian flu, staffing shortages, and fuel costs.

Video footage shows citizens preparing for Passover and Easter, and one consumer said the prices were much too high for her budget.

“I don’t buy eggs for that reason because it’s too high,” she commented:

Now, some consumers who are trying to find eggs so their children and family members can dye them for Easter are getting creative with the tradition, Delish reported Wednesday.

“Well, believe it or not, but the humble potato is about to save your holiday. And we’re not talking about breakfast potatoes at Easter brunch. People are discovering that potatoes work just as well as eggs when painted or dyed like Easter eggs,” the article said.

Meanwhile, Idaho Potatoes showed followers in a recent clip how to paint Easter potatoes:

@idahopotatoesofficial #easter #idahopotatoes #fypage #potatopainting #potatoesoftiktok #potatoes ♬ CJ’s Van – WILLIS

In March, Dollar Tree pulled eggs from its shelves as prices rose approximately 60 percent since the fall, according to Breitbart News.

“The price for eggs hit an average of $5 a dozen during the first month of this year, and the price hike was due to a global outbreak of the avian flu,” the outlet said.


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