School Superintendent Resigns After Parents Disagree with Critical Race Theory in Curriculum

Martin Cox
Clarkstown School District

Dr. Martin Cox resigned as superintendent of Clarkstown Central School in Rockland County, New York, following parent concerns over Critical Race Theory being used in curriculum.

In a statement, Cox cited “personal reasons” for his resignation, News 12 the Bronx reported Wednesday.

The school board voted five to one Tuesday evening in support of his resignation but did not explain why he was leaving.

According to the outlet, the community and board members “lost faith” in him over the past few months and he was also viewed as anti-justice and anti-police for a delayed response pertaining to a controversial presentation by a student regarding Black Lives Matter.

The outlet continued:

Parents were also critical of his decision to enforce a mask mandate for students and staff this year before the CDC and state Health Department did. Parents got so outraged at a meeting that they had to end it after just 15 minutes, with parents yelling and refusing to wear masks.

Some parents applauded Tuesday night when they heard the announcement of his departure, although some did appreciate his work for their kids. Some parents tell News 12 many disagreed with Cox’s COVID-19 and mask mandates and that there was concern over talk of bringing critical race theory into the school’s curriculum as well as diversity, equity and inclusion, or DEI, policies.

“I don’t think Marty Cox really was connected to the soul of the community and in being disconnected that turned a lot of people off to him and his policies,” parent Joe Solari told the station.

Christopher F. Rufo, senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute, shared a photo of Cox on Thursday, writing, “According to sources, parents banded together, filed FOIA requests, and pressured the board to oust him”:

“This isn’t ‘cancel culture,’ ‘white backlash,’ or any other dishonest framing from the media blob,” Rufo wrote in a subsequent post.

“It’s the heart of democracy: average citizens asserting their authority as voters, taxpayers, and parents, demanding that public institutions reflect the values of the public,” he added.

The school board issued a statement thanking Cox for his service and also told parents Jeff Sobel, assistant superintendent for personnel, would serve as interim superintendent until someone else was appointed.


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