Reports: Pentagon Urges Trump To Embrace ‘Transgender’ Soldiers

Pentagon chief James Mattis is urging President Donald Trump to embrace the revolutionary political claim that every person’s legal sex is determined by their feelings of “gender identity,” not by their biology, according to the Washington Post.

Resonance (Holly Eskew / Flickr : CC)

Naked Final Exam at UC San Diego Sparks Mom’s Outrage

Arriving naked at a final exam is one of the most common nightmares for students, according to Psychology Today. At the University of California San Diego, however, the naked final exam is a requirement for a class in the visual arts

Easter Egg Gun (David Blackwell / Flickr / Creative Commons)

Sacramento Easter Egg Hunt grows Violent

On Saturday, an Easter Egg Hunt in Sacramento that was attempting to become the world’s largest prompted parents to push other children aside as they maneuvered to grab the hidden eggs and prizes for their own children.

AP Photo/The Daily Gazette, Marc Schultz

Have Parents Been Kicked Out of Their Own Public Schools?

Slowly we’ve witnessed an erosion of local control in public education across this country, though it hasn’t been as obvious since the Obama administration began the latest reform dubbed “Common Core.”

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Unrelenting Measles Outbreak Climbs to 107

More measles cases are appearing by the day in an outbreak that began mid-December in the traveler-magnet Magic Kingdom in Anaheim, California. In numbers updated Friday, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) reports 91 cases confirmed within California and has reported 16 outside the state for a total 107 measles-infected persons.